What Does a Yeast Infection Look Like?

What Does a Yeast Infection Look Like? – Signs You Have a Yeast Infection

Everybody is susceptible to yeast infections. No matter how clean you are, you can suffer from a yeast infection since most of its triggers are integrated in our daily activities. It is a unicellular fungi infection that occurs in your body’s moist and warm regions. It causes lots of burning, itching and soreness. There are varieties of fungal infections and without proper knowledge; you may find it difficult to distinguish one from the other. To add on that, these fungal infections tend to have nearly the same symptoms; this prompts the question, what does a yeast infection look like? 

In order to be able to establish that what you are suffering from is actually a yeast infection, you need to have knowledge on what a yeast infection looks like. 

What does a yeast infection look like? – Appearance

The infected area is often red and swollen. A yeast infection causes an itchy burning sensation. You may be tempted to scratch the infected area but this will increase its soreness. The soreness causes too much discomfort and in extreme cases may hinder you from carrying out your normal daily activities like walking and running. However, there are a few cases of yeast infections that are not accompanied by the itching. Due to friction caused by itching, the infected area turns red. However, an itchy burning sensation does not necessarily confirm that you are suffering from a yeast infection; you need much more to ascertain your suspicions. 

What does a yeast infection look like? – Discharge

Whenever you are suffering from most fungi infections, your private parts will ooze discharge. However, different fungal infections produce different kinds of discharge. A yeast infection often produces a thick white discharge. In some cases, the discharge may range from green to a faint yellow color. Apart from the differences in the color of the discharge, the thickness of the discharge also varies. Some people notice a thin discharge while others notice a thick discharge. Some of those who notice a thick discharge claim that it is often clumpy while others don’t. 

The final confirmation is dependent on your sense of smell. You need to smell the discharge to ascertain the yeast infection. As disgusting as it may sound, it is the surest way of identifying a yeast infection. If you smell something close to the smell of bread or beer, then you surely are suffering from a yeast infection. A yeast infection has its peculiar smell that can never be mistaken since no other bacteria can smell like yeast. 

Having knowledge on what a yeast infection looks like will help you carry out a timely diagnosis and seek proper medical care. However, if you have doubts on the type of fungi infection you are suffering from, it is advisable that you see a qualified doctor who will verify your personal diagnosis. It is easier to treat a yeast infection in its early stages than in the latter stages. An early diagnosis will save you the pain that accompanies a yeast infection in its latter stages. A yeast infection can be treated at home using over the counter drugs, however, whenever symptoms persist, seek medical advice.


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