Yeast Infection in Babies – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Yeast Infection in Babies – What to do

Yeast infection in babies is quite common. What’s more is that even baby boys can be infected. The infection is never serious in the early stages and can be treated easily at home during that time. When the infection has spread further and become more server, your  baby can feel discomfort and pain, at this point it is advisable to see a doctor. 

Causes of yeast infections in babies

What the causes of yeast infection in babies is usually the same things that cause them in adults. Bacteria love moist areas especially the region around the genitals. When there is a build up of too much bacteria accumulated at such areas, it is a recipe for yeast infection. For babies though, they could also catch the infection from certain foods or even from their stools.

Possible causes could also arise from contact with an infected mother at or after birth, too much intake of antibiotics, lack of proper hygiene as well as a few products from the shops. 

Symptoms of yeast infections in babies

One symptom that is most evident in yeast infection is red patches on the bottom. It is easy to confuse yeast infection with rash infections though. They are almost similar anyway so check out for the patchy bottoms.

Another sign of an infection is a thrush in the infant’s mouth. This symptom is common in breastfeeding babies though it could still appear in babies that feed solely on formula. Thrush in the mouth is white rather than red in color.

When you notice an increase in the baby’s discomfort especially when changing diapers beware things could be wrong. Also take note for increased crying when on the breast. 

Treatment of yeast infections in babies

Yeast infection is treatable. The method of treatment depends on the location of the Yeast and how severe it is.

If it is isolated on the diaper region

Try using an anti-fungal cream on the infected region. You may also want to see the doctor if the condition looks to be a little more than you can handle. There are many over the counter treatments for yeast infection in babies but most of them are best prescribed by the physician. Probiotics should also work if applied directly on the infected part.

If the yeast infection is in the form of thrush

This may call for treating the baby as well as the mother. Before the infection blows out of proportion, try a little more probiotics in both of your foods; if the baby is old enough. Some of the best over the counter drugs that work just well include; Nystatin, Miconazole and Gentian. The doctor should also be consulted here for stronger prescriptions. What one has to understand is that for thrushes, both the mother and the infant have to be treated.


Prevention is always the best cure and it’s the same with yeasts. Yeast infection in itself is not 100% preventable but there are always things one can do to lower the risks of catching it.

  1. Ensure that your baby’s diapers are changed frequently
  2. See that the genital region remains as dry as possible
  3. Allow the baby’s bottom to air dry well before putting on a fresh diaper
  4. Antibiotics destroy bacteria that help prevent yeast infection so if the mum or the infant is currently on these drugs then the first three points have to be followed even more strictly.

Once Yeast is returned to a normal level baby will be less irritated, if symptoms persist or you have any worries at all, please see your doctor as soon as possible, in fact we recommend a visit to the doctor before trying any of the above advice.



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