Tea Tree Oil Yeast Infection Remedy

Using Tea Tree Oil To Treat Yeast Infections

Tea Tree Oil Yeast Infection Remedy

Tea Tree Oil Yeast Infection Remedy

Native to Australia, the tea tree or Melaleuca alternifoliahas been a popular natural remedy among the indigenous people for centuries. It’s antimicrobial uses are unmatched in the world of organic, natural treatments, which explains why it’s becoming a common way to treat yeast infections.

After examining the compounds contained in the oil, scientists found out that a terpinen-4-ol is the most active ingredient in tea tree oil, with regards to its anti-fungal and anti-microbial activity. Other compounds contained in the oil may have a beneficial effect, but are not of paramount importance when it comes to the healing properties of the oil.

The reasons why you should use tea tree oil as opposed to the regularly prescribed antibiotic treatment are several:

  • Antibiotics exterminate bacteria universally. However, the human body contains bacteria which are necessary for it to function normally, “good bacteria” so to speak, especially in the vagina and the colon. Using antibiotics to kill the yeast infection can have a nasty effect on your whole body. With tea tree oil, you should have no such concerns.
  • Tea tree oil is topical, meaning that you only put it on the part of your body that needs treatment -for most women, it follows to use vaginal suppositories. Topical treatments are not ingested or introduced into the bloodstream, and they cause no harm for the liver or other internal organs, which is a clear benefit.
  • Tee tree oil is completely natural and has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous people of Australia – enough time for anyone to notice if there’s something wrong with using it as treatment. On the other hand, some antibiotics have not been researched for such prolonged periods of time and may come with some risk involved.

Using a tea tree oil yeast infection remedy has been shown to work marvelously, but it is still commonly frowned upon by those who prefer using the inventions of standard medicine. And while skepticism is generally a good quality in people, given the vast amount of scams and hoaxes related to alternative medicine, the oil has generally been recognized by medical professionals and there is no reason to doubt its efficiency.

Tea Tree Oil Yeast Infection Remedy

If you’re already into the idea of using tea tree oil to cure a yeast infection, please make sure to tee tree oilremember that you should only use it topically. Ingesting the oil orally is not only useless, but it might also be poisonous in some cases. Whether you choose the actual oil or suppositories that release it in the vagina does not matter that greatly, but be sure to avoid taking it orally at all costs.

Along with tea tree oil, there are other good practices one could try to reduce the harmful effects of a yeast infection. A good diet with less carbohydrates ingested can increase the rate at which a yeast infection is cured. Reducing carbohydrates means less food for the Candida Albicans bacteria which causes the yeast infection. Garlic has also been shown to work well, but it is more complicated to prepare for treatment, compared to tea tree oil suppositories.


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