Oil of Oregano Candida Treatment – Use Oil Of Oregano To Treat Yeast Infections!

Oil of Oregano Candida Treatment

Oil of Oregano is natural and powerful anti-fungal. It comes from Mediterranean shrub oregano and its medicinal properties have been know for years. Oregano is made into an oil and not only does it have anti-fungal properties, but also treats virus, bacteria and chronic inflammation. For people looking to treat Candida infection, this oil is very effective because the candida doesn’t become resistant to oregano oil. In other worlds, may anti fungals lose their effectiveness over time as candida learns to combat them, but oregano oil remains strong.

Oregano oil works by reacting with water in your blood and kills off the candida yeast by dehydrating it. This was done with as little .25 mg and this is a natural plant. Over 17 different types of drugs failed to do this.

What makes oregano such a powerhouse in getting rid of candida and a ton of other health problems? It contains many helpful enzymes that many man-made drugs do not. A few of these natural healers are:

  • Thymol a natural anti fungal with anti septic properties. It enhances immunity and prevents tissue damage.
  • Carvacrol is a powerful antimicrobial and is the primer fighter against candida. It has been shown to be so strong it acts as a natural preservative and increases the shelf life of grocery products.
  • Rosmarinic acid contains vitamin E and prevents free radical damage. Has been show to combat excess fluid and combats allergies.
  • Naringin is another key component that has been shown to kill off and prevent cancer cells from forming.

Some natural vitamins and mineral’s oregano contains is as follows. Zinc, potassium, iron, Vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C and magnesium. All these play crucial roles in maintaining the human metabolism.

Oregano has also been shown to benefit the colon and the liver. The liver is a very important organ to take care of as it readily fights toxins and bacteria. If the liver is unhealthy many unfriendly bacteria can start invading your system.

These are all benefits of oregano, but how is the oil made? The oil of oregano comes from the leaf of the plant. The leaf is steamed and becomes extracted into an oil. The oil is actually far more powerful than the leaf itself because its much more dense.

Not all oregano oil is the same. For treatment with oil of oregano candida yeast users need to make sure this is not blended with flaxseed or other oils as these blends tend to be way more of the other oils than they highly beneficial oregano oil. Look for products that contain around 50% or higher amounts of carvacrol as this is the prime fighter against candida. A bottle that contains more of the oregano oil may run the buyer about $25 to $30. NOW Foods also has a good brand for oregano oil.

How to take it? Buying oregano oil in soft gel form is recommended, so that you can take if every day with a vitamin pill. Long term use is shown to fight against the re-occurrence of candida yeast. Follow instructions on the bottle for amount to take each day.

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